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The psychology of risk

The Undercover Economist, Tim Harford, explains why we tend to over-insure small risks – and under-protect ourselves against big ones. If you had a pet, would you consider insurance to cover veterinary costs? How about insuring against a much more costly event: loss of income if you fall ill? According to a January 2019 study […]

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What’s your retirement game plan?

The pension freedoms have put a number of new options in play, and each decision you make will affect the sustainability of your income through retirement. If there’s one overarching aim when building up a pension pot, it’s to get as much money into it as possible.  The process of turning that pension into a […]

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Batten down the hatches or go out in the storm?

How to grab opportunities during times of crisis. The coronavirus outbreak has caused extraordinary disruption, and the economic consequences of the pandemic are becoming increasingly clear. The past months have been a time of uncertainty and worry for us all, yet individual experiences vary hugely. Some of us have been furloughed or are facing redundancy. […]

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Summer Economic Update: present action & signposts for the future

The Chancellor will wait until the Autumn before planning how to recover the costs of his spending spree. Alliteration has gone into overdrive when it comes to government initiatives. Hard on the heels of “Super Saturday”, we had the Chancellor’s “Summer Statement “. While there is understandable public concern over how the ever-increasing government debt […]

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Responsible investment after coronavirus

How the investment community can help advance the environmental gains that have come out of COVID-19

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Ways to help safeguard your financial future

How coronavirus has underlined the importance of always being prepared.

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The government’s furlough scheme, explained

How employers can benefit from the new measures to support businesses.

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Mortgages and coronavirus, explained

The most frequently asked questions around how COVID-19 is impacting mortgagors.

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